Form 表格 01C - Product Sponsor 產品贊助

Vegetarian Food Asia engages with a variety of media and KOL as our partners for show promotion. You’re welcomed to join our product sponsorship in which we can distribute your products to our promotion partners for more publicity. Stand out from your competitors by enhancing your company’s visibility!

As an additional promotion, the Organizer reserves the right to decide how to distribute products to promotion partners and it is subject to their discretion for promotional arrangements.

亞洲素食展和多家媒體及KOL合作推廣展會。歡迎你贊助產品,我們可以將你的產品分發給他們,幫您獲得更多宣傳。 產品贊助可增強公司的知名度,助您於競爭對手中脫穎而出!